Refund Policy

Mozziware Solutions offers a thirty (30) days money back guarantee on the Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages. The money back guarantee is not valid for the Dedicated Server hosting plans. The money back guarantee is also not applicable on the Domain Purchases, Custom Software Installation Charges, Administrative Fees, etc. Mozziware Solutions may in certain cases might allow pro-rated refunds for the Dedicated Server charges but the refunds are given only if the Mozziware Solutions deems it right. Dedicated Server clients have been given no right to refund by the Mozziware Solutions.

The money back guarantee is valid for first time accounts only which means that if you have previous account with Mozziware Solutions and you purchase another hosting account then the money back guarantee will not be applicable.

The money back guarantee is valid on the first thirty (30) days from the date of sign up only. Cancellations after thirty (30) days are not eligible for refunds. The thirty (30) days money back guarantee is unconditional one which means that you will not have to give any explanation for the cancellation of the accounts. The refunds are given in via money transfer to your desired Bank account. Kindly furnish us your preferred bank account when requesting for a refund by sending an email to

Mozziware Solutions subtracts common market value for .com, .net and .org domain name refund requests. The ccTld’s domain names are completely none refundable. The refund request for the domain names are only considered if these are purchased in conjunction with purchase of the hosting account.

For further inquiries on our Refund processes and policies, kindly send us an email at